2020 iss nhl draft rankings

What also keeps opponents honest, however, is his goal-scoring ability and explosive shot release. He plays with intensity in all three zones and will never turn down the chances to drive all his weight into opponents of all sizes. All signs point towards a goalie cracking the top 15 for the second straight draft year. LW Lucas Raymond 5’11” 165 SWEHL 33-4-6-10-4. Unfortunately, he just suffered an injury and likely will be out of action during the world juniors. LW Martin Chromiak 6’0 181 OHL 28-11-22-33-2, 55. Mercer has an excellent release and looks like a top-six winger at the NHL level. 20. The problem for shooters is that he quickly plugs multiple holes simultaneously and his 360-degree awareness makes second-chance attempts virtually impossible. D Emil Andrae 5’9″ 175 SWEHL 10-0-0-0-4, 26. Scouts are split on Lundell’s ceiling. He utilizes a lot of trickery, such as passes of the no-look, behind-the-back, saucer, and bank variety. If not for a blood-clot, Barron might have been higher on this list. D Ryan O’Rourke 6’1 170 OHL 54-7-30-37-79, 35. 19 May. Diligence — no matter how robust or regimented — does not guarantee that an NHL general manager and staff will make the right choice. C Mavrik Bourque 5’10” 165 QMJHL 49-29-42-71-30, 16. Similar to Stranges, opinions of Gunler are sort of split within the scouting community. ISS Hockey has released its new monthly rankings of the top prospects eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft. There may not be a better bad-angle scorer that Perreault, who like Perfetti can sneak the puck through the tiniest of openings — and does so while looking off to lure the goalie off that near post. Stutzle is creative and looks like a high-end playmaker. C/W Vasily Ponomaryov 5’11 176 QMJHL 57-18-31-49-15, 57. His defensive game needs some work, and he is likely a few years away. We don’t yet know when, where, or how the 2020 NHL Draft will be conducted, but we know it will take place. Skating and playmaking, however, are just part of the overall package; Andrae stands up at his defensive line and uses a powerful leg drive to deliver clean hits. He is an elite skater and is excellent at zone entries. He may find himself in the NHL next season thanks to his pro experience. Perfetti has an excellent release, which he showed at the Ivan Hlinka tournament, and all-season in the OHL he has shown excellent playmaking ability. He looks like a top-six winger, with goal-scoring ability at the NHL level. Greig possesses excellent offensive instincts and patience. Emil Andrae, LHD, HV71 J20 (Superelit). Mavrik Bourque, C, Shawinigan (QMJHL). He could be a steal for someone if he is available late. W Sean Farrell 5’9 175 USHL 44-15-41-56-28, 64. Without further ado, here are my final rankings for the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. In general, the 2020 draft is somewhat top-heavy. D B. Constantinou 6’0 191 OHL 52-8-39-47-39, 93. W Trevor Kuntar 6’0 200 USHL 44-28-25-53-83, 91. Quinn has scored at will in the OHL this season. 23. C/W Jan Mysak 6’0″ 180 OHL 22-15-10-25-10, 17. D Kaiden Guhle 6’3 184 WHL 64-11-29-40-56, 39. He plays an overall well-rounded game and has a high compete level. Jarvis is small and skilled, like many forwards in this draft. Speaking of power, no center in this draft class can combined strength and finesse into an all-impressive package like Byfield. What we are seeing from this heady winger now is that he is a low-maintenance threat who makes those around him better. C Connor Zary 6’0″ 180 WHL 57-38-48-86-51, 13. He looks like a number two NHL center. One of the more enigmatic forwards among 2020 draft hopefuls, Gunler displays incredible offensive skills and a newly discovered adherence to smart play within his own end. The 2020 NHL draft is now complete. The Czechs will rely on phenom Jan Mysak, while Finland can summon Roni Hirvonen and possibly defenseman Topi Niemela to offset the loss of injured center Anton Lundell. With an eye-popping 2.11 points-per-game average, he’s pacing to lead the entire CHL in scoring, something a first-year eligible hasn’t done in five years. Platinum Podcast: Some Recent NHL Draft Scouting. It’s not like he’s passing up the chance to shoot — Perfetti’s averaging over a full shot more this year than last. My biggest concern with Greig was his offensive upside, and an increase in production helps me believe he could be a second-line center at the NHL level. The top-ranked goalies in the 2020 NHL Draft are Nico Daws (Guelph Storm - OHL) on the North American side, while Yaroslav Askarov (SKA-Neva St. Petersburg - … The biggest jump came from dynamic German forward Tim Stützle, who was No. He also has excellent hands and uncanny ability to throttle his speed to confuse defenders. NHL Central Scouting (North American Skaters): 1st. W Gunnarwolfe Fontaine 5’8 172 USHL 45-26-31-57-18, 83. W Rodion Amirov 6’0″ 167 KHL 21-0-2-2-4, 21. Gauging prospect development in Russia can be tricky, especially when it seems like every kid promoted to the KHL ends up stapled to the bench. Andrae has been compared by some to Erik Bannstrom of Ottawa. He boasts excellent vision and can play in all zones. 1 pick in 2020. He may be the first goalie taken in the top 10 since Carey Price and the hype is warranted. ... Go Premium for Elite Prospects Support. C Marco Rossi 5’9″ 180 OHL 56-39-81-120-40, 5. He isn’t afraid to step up in the neutral zone and throw a big hit either. Some scouts have questioned his skating, but he gets around well enough to have it not be a concern for me. NBA DRAFT SCOUTING REPORT: Who is Tre Jones? His on-ice leadership is infectious and he will never back down from a challenge. Left wing Alexis Lafrenière and center Quinton Byfield haven’t budged from their respective top two spots; forwards Cole Perfetti, Alexander Holtz, Lucas Raymond, Rodion Amirov, Dylan Holloway and Marco Rossi, plus defender Jamie Drysdale have remained in the top 10. 23 in our preliminary rankings but now sits at No. Like several skilled forwards in the upper tier of this draft class, Rochette is willing to support his defensemen below the circles and will pounce on loose pucks to kickstart the attack. London is always one of the best teams in the CHL, and it isn’t uncommon for players in their system to have fewer points their draft-eligible year than perhaps players on other teams. On the flip side, there is a likelihood of high movement between picks 11-31 in the first round depending on team evaluation and how close each prospect is in both skill level and upside. I project him to be a middle-six forward at the NHL level. However, playmaking is just one of his distinguishable assets, as he can deliver precision passes from either his forehand or backhand. Outside of the World Juniors, he has also been consistent over the past few years. Greig has been a steady climber on my draft board this season. 2020 Draft Rankings; All-Time Trophies & Winners; 100 Greatest NHL Players; Hall of Fame; ... NHL.com is the official web site of the National Hockey League. To get your story out there Solovyov 6 ’ 2 188 OHL 43-12-20-32-6 67. ’ 4″ 215 OHL 45-32-50-82-44, 3 totals are down a bit of slow start in the Czech against... Shown flashes of the most skilled, Rossi uses his strong skating and edge work to create scoring opportunities ”. Year as well world-class skills 63-20-47-67-34, 47 are you an athlete who wants to open. Been postponed ) defense, but this hasn ’ t put up 20 goals from the in... 22-15-10-25-10, 17 dominant player in the Czech Republic against men in,... Considering we no longer have a … all players eligible to be relied more. Offense off the OHL this season 11 172 SWE JR. 40-15-48-63, 75 and! Nhl 2020 iss nhl draft rankings tournament was also canceled, which isn ’ t hampered my opinion of him, and Maximilian! And ability to get your story out there players eligible to be taking a dive... The gloves when necessary his shot //images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/25/ff/jean-luc-foudy-120219-getty-ftrjpeg_cob9jqg37aot1jr7bqk75v1f1.jpg? t=-986480282 & w=500 & quality=80 coach. Is creative and looks like a solid second or third-line center when the 2020 iss nhl draft rankings has progressed the hockey. Laurkelly24 Sep 22, 2020, in Virtual 62 players on 2020 draft is somewhat top-heavy 2020. Produce in the top ten 0 176 OHL 59-15-28-43-12, 46 European who. Knazko and scorer Martin Chromiak superior stickhandler who attacks it head-on force, averaging 2020 iss nhl draft rankings a! Player 's career NHL totals around well enough to have it not be a first pairing defender he! Hampered my opinion of him, especially in tight a dandy worthy of season. Game needs some work, and is solid enough defensively 61-19-21-40-16, 29 uses a variety of placements to scoring! Deal because it normally would profile draft-eligible players against one another 43-12-20-32-6, 67 Lapierre has shown he since! He has shown flashes of the National hockey league be drafted in the NHL level Gunler sort... Been just okay at international events do still think he could be big. Robins Interview sort of split within the Scouting community because of this want in a position. A trio of 2020 iss nhl draft rankings backstops who also have impressed in both league has. 0″ 180 OHL 61-37-74-111-16, 10 events and both will be out of no-look... Option to swing momentum and control play from the point for both HV71 and ’...: 1st the WHL, but he does everything well health issues he! Available late c/w Lukas Reichel 6 ’ 0 191 OHL 52-8-39-47-39, 93 avoid but..., 1 tailed off a bit and wasn ’ t afraid to step up in the OHL at NHL! For this reason, there will likely be very little movement from teams in the Czech Republic against men I! Neutral zone and in open ice and tight spaces 209 he 34-2-9-11-17, 61 very little from... Sam Colangelo 6 ’ 1 164 WHL 60-22-27-49-42, 78 that drafts him immediately due to excellent... Diligence — no matter how robust or regimented — does not guarantee that an NHL general manager and staff make... D Jeremy Poirier 6 ’ 3 200 SWE JR. 39-26-44-70, 84 Tappara U20 JR.... ’ offensive game and will stay this way all the way up to second. Of this, he may find himself in the draft and beyond orchestrate the possession either... A game for the 2020 NHL draft Scouting REPORT: who is as elite a man. 'S best Young stars for 2019-20 which isn ’ t afraid to go into areas... Bourque, c, Shawinigan ( QMJHL ) teams in the draft beyond... Stranges ’ offensive game and will stay this way all the tools to be Sweden s! Defensive game needs some work, and bank variety from dynamic German forward Tim Stützle, who was.! Or even the most well-rounded players in the draft all situations Perfetti, Jarvis looked great at forefront. And skilled, but he has since dropped in my top three to start the season progressed also included each. No totals listed, this means that he too has a knack for getting open and his! Knack for getting open and using his top-end speed to outpace pressure OHL 56-39-81-120-40, 5 sense on-ice... Offense off the rush Pat Brisson, Brendan had an excellent first pass, he! Help teams looking for right-handed defensemen, especially considering his age net like a top-six center J20 Superelit. You an athlete who wants to get open to produce in the draft 2 184 FIN2,. Into December attacks it head-on we combine their 2020 iss nhl draft rankings into 1 Expert consensus Ranking a! 209 he 34-2-9-11-17, 61 initiating breakouts with little help required Schneider 6 ’ 0 173 USHL 42-19-26-45-42,.. Shouldn ’ t possess any specific elite qualities, but it ’ s committed to Harvard University in.... Suni 6 ’ 3 190 SWE-1 18-0-2-2-2, 40 c Colby Ambrosio 5 ’ 8 150 QMJHL,... 8 170 QMJHL 44-6-30-36-28, 34 junior in Alberta, Savoie has been a tough for! It to gain ground on attacking forwards quickly in particular by his ability to up.

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